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Henley Coaching #01

Turning Hectic and Hassled to Calm and Composed

Be More, Achieve More and Stress Less

How Mindful Coaching Can Change the Way You Live

Are you ready to feel:

• Happier and more content?
• A new found confidence in yourself and your relationships?
• A greater sense of optimism?
• More focused and efficient at work?
• Improved energy and enthusiasm for your life?
• Ready for the challenges you face without feeling stressed?
• More creative and resourceful

Feel calm, confident and alive again - mindful coaching really can achieve all of this, to find out more about coaching in Henley with Jane Karsten, just email or phone today. Jane has been coaching for over 16 years and has qualifications in CBT confidence coaching, is a NLP practitioner and has worked independently and in companies during this time.

Henley Coaching #02

Do You Feel Your Life is Just A Breathless Rush Of Activity?

Have a read through the following - would you answer yes to some (or all) of them?

Does your day "run away with you" leaving little time to do what you really want to do?
Are you constantly juggling more than one thing at a time?
Do you find it difficult to concentrate and make decisions?
Can you feel snappy and irritable with your loved ones?
Can you find it hard to fall and/or stay asleep?
Do you suffer from physical aches and pains?
Do you tend to comfort eat, use alcohol to ease your stress?

If these feelings are familiar to you….

Henley Coaching #03

Isn't It Time to Stop, Breathe, and Create Calm So That You Can Move Forward in Your Life Positively?

If you feel that you have reached a time to make a change, just call or email me and we can discuss the next steps.

7 Simple Steps You Can Transform Feelings of Breathless Rush And Create Calm In Your Life

You will find out what matters to you most and how to successfully get the results you desire in different areas of your life. There are so many benefits to enjoy, they include:

• Greater success at work and at home
• Better health, more energy and stamina, greater resilience
• Feeling in control and in charge of your life
• Replacing procrastination with decisiveness and action
• More patience, understanding of others, compassion
• Better relationships with people at work, at home, everywhere
• Feelings of serenity and stillness
• More relaxation and joy

I am committed to my continual personal development and regularly attend seminars to extend my knowledge and skills.

When you are ready to take the first step please call me on 07808 940008 or email me at [email protected]

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